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Philippe Dureuil, DIGITAL, FILM, PANORAMA french photographer...

Digital or Film?

None of these 2 is the best! In collaboration with Philippe Dureuil we will analyze your needs to determine what is best for your project.

Concerning Digital Photography, Philippe Dureuil uses the most recent and efficient equipment. Digital files are provided in .TIFF, RVB, 65 Mo. color-corrected and retouched.

Concerning Film Photography, Philippe Dureuil will decide with you which standard is the appropriate one, depending on your project: Small format: 24 mm X 36 mm; medium format: 6 cm X 7 cm; Panorama 180 ° large format: 5 cm X 12 cm; Dark room large format: 4 inches X 5 inches; Dark room very large format: 20 cm X 25 cm.

About Panorama Photography: It is often and exclusively associated with landscapes. It can, of course, be used for industrial activities, for outdoor illustrations as well as indoor work.

Philippe Dureuil also realizes aerial photo in large format 180° panorama.

Philippe Dureuil, french photographer DIGITAL, FILM, PANORAMA
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french photographer DIGITAL, FILM, PANORAMA
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