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Philippe Dureuil, french photographer...

Philippe Dureuil, 50 years old, is a professional French photographer based in Paris, France. He is your commercial French photographer, and he develops your photo reports everywhere in France and worldwide.

His eyes offer a gaze: you are invited to look at it.

His specialties:

industrial photography, corporate photography, lifestyle & everyday life photography, people, headshots, sustainable development photography, 360° QTVR large format panorama photography.

He shows reality without ever distorting the truth.

Experienced photographer since 1987, Philippe Dureuil works shoulder to shoulder with Anne Deyriès. She spent 4 years in Los Angeles and worked as a production manager.

Philippe Dureuil also works with Ingo Kanefeyer, his assistant, who is in charge of the digital part since 1999.

Shooting for a diverse range of clientele, Philippe Dureuil as a professional French photographer can also help you manage your production in France and in Europe. He recently did a 4 day shoot in Paris for Barbara Ferderer, Photographer Relations Manager for OnRequest Images®, to illustrate some of Abott's communication supports.

His capabilities:

CANON EOS-5D Mark III camera & a large range of Canon lenses PROFOTO flashes NOBLEX 150 U large format camera Digital post-production hardware

The French photographer, Philippe Dureuil, is also proposing his own Photo Library: photos in France and worldwide.

Philippe Dureuil, french photographer
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french photographer